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    • $100 COMPETITION & SOTW/ROTW $   08/07/2015

      SOTW and ROTW $cash giveaway every week looking to start in a month $2.5 for each winner so potentially $5 every week up for grabs. this october marks 10years of AR so i want this to be a new begining.   The Time has come for the 10 Year AR Splash competition The lucky winner will receive $100 and a AR Coffee MUG   Look here for more details http://www.animerender.com/index.php?/topic/66166-100-competition/
    • New Admin and Staff Applications   08/07/2015

      We have Mesumi now as the technical ADMIN to help around with background fixes Kasan Is the discussion moderator now We will be taking applications for staff members that would like to take on certain roles in the forum The following positions Global Moderator GFX Moderators Render Moderator PM with your details and why you think you are good for the role
    • Render Mod needed   08/23/2015

      as the title states we need a render mod, to take over the render section and post the weekly ROTW topics   Send me a PM with your details
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